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Here is a showcase of some of the projects I have been involved with during my studies.

Design Studio: Mobile (MaaS) (2019)

User Research, Evaluation & Prototyping

In this design brief, my team and I were assigned to create a MaaS-solution (Mobility as a Service) with focus on first and last mile problems. The project goal was to improve the connection of the residential area Andersberg towards the center of Halmstad, with the help of a mobility solution. In collaboration with our clients, we chose to define the first and last mile for accommodation in the Andersberg area as the distance to and from everyday junctions for procurement.



We designed a sharing economy platform concept, where the purpose of the application is that those who have a car will offer an empty seat in their car. The passengers can book a seat in the driver's car when they are going somewhere. This is done by the driver creating a journey in the application and the passenger can search among the created journeys for a journey that matches their own.



For this project I was in charge of the research and evaluation. I was also involved with the UI-Design. In the project I planned and conducted our research by doing desktop research,  made interview templates for semi-constructed interviews for the team to use, did semi-constructed interviews, conducted observations, made transcriptions of the collected data and analyzed it into empirical data. In our ideation phase I sketched ideas, created low-fi wireframes and designed the UI of the prototype in Figma. In the later stage of the project I conducted task based evaluations with possible end users, which gave key information to improve our prototype.

App Wireframe
App Wireframe

Product Design:  Fab Lab Course (2020)

Interaction Design & UX/UI Design

In this course my team and I got the opportunity to design solutions for future cities when new disasters challenge our society, as well as making the technology available for all citizens. The expected results of the project was to come up with a physical product that was associated with a digital application.


Our concept focuses on changing users' behaviors when it comes to planning and travel. With the help of the physical product, valuable data can be collected from the mobile device. The data collected can later show how many people are in certain areas of the city without challenging the integrity of the citizens.



In this project I was responsible for the UI-Design and Interaction Design. I designed the digital application using programs such as Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and also worked with interactions within the application with Framer X. In this project I also was involved within the user research, trend analysis and evaluation. I created our interview guide, I made trend analysis to help with the ideation process and evaluated our prototype with potential end-users.

Mock-up for the KnowBuddy application

Varberg Energi (2020)

User Research & Evaluation

For this project my team and i created a concept for IoT-solution with a purpose to make Varberg feel like a smarter city. 

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